PR…and all that Jazz- Oshkosh Gallery Walk at Becket’s

blog2Few things are more difficult than picking photos for a photo gallery show. Mind you, not because there are so many “great” photos to choose from, but each photo should compliment, as well as contrast the others. And maybe from the perspective of a photographer, after you have shot a photo you like, post processed it, and viewed it over the course of time, you get used to it and don’t find it special. So, that said, I have just about completed picking the photos for the July Oshkosh Gallery Walk show at Becket’s in Oshkosh. It’s a mix of aviation images taken in my post-EAA career. And a mix it is. Not every image needs to be an in-your-face air to air with full prop circle. In fact, that was the last photo I added to the collection today. The files are now in process with Tim White at Image 360 in Oshkosh. If you get a chance to stop by Becket’s during the month of July, and like any of the images, Tim will print them for you.