Blog 4xxx

That’s Henry O in the back row. Second from the right. With the perfectly groomed hair.That’s the Henry O we are all holding in our prayer...

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Goodbye Henry O…

blog luke

Remember the word “family” as you read this……While you were sleeping this morning, a newly minted 16 year old was wide awakepr...

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Luke solos

blog memorial day

        When I was maybe 9 or 10, Memorial Day meant a chance to see real veterans shoot real guns in the park in Omro. And if I w...

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Memorial Day

blog mom car

I’ve always thought of a photo idea being shot on several different levels. A quick definition is 1) documentation of the idea 2) refinement of ...

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Levels of an idea

blog mom coffee

You never know when a photo of someone that’s in your heart will be the last. These were the last of mom from Monday. Despite being tired, she c...

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blog mom serious

My photos of mom always seem to capture comments about her spirit, her smile and her happiness. But life is not always like that. As with anyone, mom ...

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